Jo is a London-based sculptor working in clay, having trained in ceramics at Central Saint Martins and graduating in 2019.

Her work is mostly figurative. Shying away from neutral poses, she has developed a practice of emotional portraiture, at times using stop-frame animation to breathe life into the clay and the fleeting emotions represented. She coils and slab builds her sculptures, using tactile, gestural clay modelling techniques to reveal and record her maker’s touch, which allows for a haptic understanding of her work. Through this she is exploring questions about what is it to be human in a Digital Age, and notions of timelessness, fragility and the ephemeral, that her core materials of clay and ceramics intrinsically afford.

Jo incorporates ecological considerations in her practice, rarely glazing fired pieces, choosing to low-fire her sculptures, using stop-frame clay animation and where appropriate deliberately leaving the work un-fired. Thus the type of clay she uses for each piece, creates the diverse colour palette of her work. 

She is also not afraid to improvise, ‘clay-scribing’ live sculptural responses to conversations. Also drawn to making publicly engaged work, she enjoys co-making sculptures with the public as a means of revealing and developing ideas with participants.

Download full biog : Jo Pearl CV One Page 04.22



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