Jo is a London-based sculptor working in clay. Prior to training at Central Saint Martins as a ceramicist she worked for over 10 years as a PR and ran her own consultancy specialising in promoting architects and projects in the built environment.

Jo’s current artistic practice focuses on making figurative work and animating portraiture, as well as how to create public engagement with clay practice. She is also not afraid to improvise, ‘clay-scribing’ sculptural responses to conversations, most recently on a live-streamed talk show about creativity. She coils and slab builds her sculptures and recently her work been grappling with questions about relevancy and what is it to be human in a Digital Age. Jo is determined to incorporate ecological considerations in her practice, choosing to low-fire her work, using stop-frame clay animation and where appropriate deliberately leaving the work un-fired.

Download full biog : Jo Pearl CV Sept 2019

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