Clay Scribing: For meetings worth remembering  

Jo Pearl is a pioneer of Clay Scribing: a fresh take on the graphic scribing/cartooning that businesses are increasingly using to capture ideas during important meetings.  She attends the meeting (in person or online) conjuring a sculpted response, in the moment, to the ideas being discussed.  The 3D installation that results captures both the spirit, process and outcome in a unique way that is truly memorable.   Meeting participants gather to look at the final installation and reflect on what has happed and been shared. Time-lapse photography and video record how the installation has evolved.  Not intended for kiln-firing, the work is made quickly as an improvised sculpted sketch. Nevertheless elements can sometimes be cheese-wired off the installation and fired to create a ceramic reminder.

Pearl trained in ceramics at Central Saint Martins art college, she is co-director of Pearl Group, a corporate inspiration company that engineers high stake meetings to be enlivening and creative.

Photo Credit: Thomas Bowles
Time Lapse of Clay Scribing The Green Room with David Pearl at Kings Place, autumn 2020.

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