So glad my first slip cast mugs have survived the first firing. The handle is supposed to suggest an ear shape. I’m thinking about doing some kind of eye or face screen-print decoration on one of them in the coming weeks.

Slip Cast Mug with Ear inspired handle

I have also been working on some hand-built mugs that started life as extruded tubes of clay. Most are non-functional, Having left the lip as torn clay as it came out of the extruder. I liked the effect that the torn clay makes.

Meanwhile we have also been discussing in class the fact that Ceramics is one of Man’s oldest known crafts and how our discipline can be used to chart the history of man-kind back to neolithic times. Some of these ideas have influenced the shapes I have gone for, and their decoration …

Tripod Mug with Tree bracn feelTwig handle

Mug as scooping cup, complete with torn clay lip
Inuit motif: Bushmen “Discussing the Hunt”
Nude Mug, sprayed with white slip, that is not visible at this stage
Mug as Nude Form with arm handle

Next up: glazing. We will be given an induction into glaze mixing and applying tomorrow. Can’t wait.

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