Here’s the digital rendition of me by Factum Foundation following their 3D scan of me a couple of weeks ago in the Veronica Scanner at the RA. It is quite amazing, you can scroll over and under and see the ‘subject’ from all angles. Have a go by clicking“>here.

Great reference material for a self portrait.

I can’t wait to print it out in ceramic medium and see if I can then manipulate it by hand to explore the hybrid possibilities.

Thanks Factum Foundation and the Royal Academy!



  1. Hello Sweetheart.

    I watched your ‘Veronica scan’ with interest…. I’m sure you will approach this as a technical novelty which might be a useful tool. Certainly it will not challenge the value of an artistic interpretation. The scan process defines the proportions of the head in one pose which can provide a reference and a visual aid. But the image is lifeless and therefore a bit creepy ! Probably something to do with the lighting….a photograph has more vitality!

    However, you will surely have fun ‘printing’ it on the CSM’s machine!

    Lots of love

    Mum XXXXX


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