Gasping for Air combines sculpting, clay stop-frame animation with ceramic kiln-firing, to investigate what it looks and feels like to struggle for breath in polluted air. Exploiting clay’s plasticity when wet, I capture my evolving forms photographically, bringing the clay to life with animation, then firing the final form to create a ‘still’ 3D sculpture. Frozen in time, these fleeting ceramic moments take on a timeless quality. This installation has been made especially for On Air, an exhibition about air pollution at Ceramic Art London 2022 at Central Saint Martins in The Crossing public foyer. Together with Iris de Kievith and Annemarie Piscaer, we have co-curated On Air and pulled together five international and British artists to make visible and tangible the invisible problem of polluted air. Gasping for Air will be shown along side work by Kim Abeles, Smogware, Linda Bloomfield, and Jasmine Pradissitto.

Photographs by Dani Tagen

Trailer for clay stop-frame animated film Gasping For Air, complete film runs 2 mins 37 Sec

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