Exhibiting within the ACWU installation called ‘Unearthed’ at Gallery 46, 46 Ashfield Street, E1 8-22 July 2021 in a group show curated by Kevin Quigley and Sarah Sparke about the mystery of objects entitled, ‘Can We Ever Really Understand the Meaning of These Objects?‘. This series of enraged heads, ‘We Object!’ has been sculpted from mugshots of volunteers who sent me reference photos of themselves, capturing their frustration and anger during the last year. Spiked on rods like decapitated protestors, the heads could also whisper of transfixed figures from Pompei caught in suspended animation.

For launch event, booking slots apply – follow the links:
Thursday 8th July  6-9pm 
Friday 9th July  2-9pm
Saturday 10th July 12-6pm

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