What’s the point of portraiture in an age of 3D Printing? It’s a question I have been asking my self. Using an extremely high res digital scan from the Veronica Scanner I printed clay outputs from this data. These busts are just 8cm high, but the largest that can be produced in clay at the moment. The one on the right with a celadon glaze was produced commercially in the Netherlands, while the left and central heads were printed during a 3D ceramic printing specialist workshop with Jonathan Keep. As well as mechanically coiling these busts, I intervened by hand to touch up the faces. To make hybrid Hand made /Digital portraits. On the left hand head I hand modeled the face, especially the chin and nose as these had sagged under the pull of gravity. The beige coloured bust in the centre, I amplified the ‘errors’ of the machine coiling by adding extra extruded coils by hand on the shoulder, top of head and eyebrow using a syringe.

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