An unfired clay Votive for a Vote on the Final Brexit Deal. Inspired by votive offerings to  Janus, the double-headed Roman god of transitions, this double portrait of Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn is made in support of the #Peoplesvote. The piece features a ballot box opening in the top of their hats, to encourage people to stay engaged with the campaign to push for a people’s vote on the final Brexit deal, including remaining within the EU if the voters do not like the final Brexit deal, or no deal. During the Totally Thames Festival, the piece is being exhibited at Southwark Cathedral 1st-30th September 2018, and will then be gifted to the Thames at low tide, Midday,  on Sunday 30th September, on the Thames foreshore along Queen’s Walk, Bankside next to the Globe Theatre, in the hope that it brings a #Peoplesvote to fruition.

Studio photographs by Malcolm Smith and Elsa Pearl.

Bankside photos featured in film by Steve Mepsted and Elsa Pearl

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